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Working on Fire Australia is part of a group of International Companies specialising in the provision of Integrated Fire Management Services globally. We have extensive experience, expertise and capacity in delivering solutions across all aspects of fire management. Our projects range from large country scale projects to small, bespoke solutions to all industry sectors affected by bush and wildfire. 
Working on Fire operates from strategically located operational bases across Australia that will not only provide support and capacity to government agencies, land management organisations, private companies and land owners. We can also provide a wide range of Integrated Fire Management Services to reduce the risk to our communities and the damage to our environment. 


Wildfire Mitigation and Supression

At Working on Fire, we are committed to providing environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions to Fire Management challenges in an economically feasible and socially acceptable manner. Our significant capability and expertise, represented by environmental scientists and technical specialists, place us in a position where we are able to offer practical, implementable solutions to environmental and fire management issues and challenges. We are committed to delivering high quality, safe and value aidding services across the range of integrated fire management activities.



Fire Crews - All our fire crews are fully trained to recognised industry standards and have a broad range of experience and skills in fire related activities, including, wildfire suppression, prescribed burning, bushfire mitigation and fire break construction. Senior personnel - Sector Commanders and Operations Managers - Our senior personnel have significant experience and qualifications in all aspects of fire management. Our staff average in excess of 20+ years' experience in fire management in Australia.


Working on Fire own a fleet of fully equipped fire trucks and light units for both prescribed burning and fire suppression. We are able to provide operationally ready strike units at short notice to support any fire activity as required.


Working on Fire has an excellent safety record across its global operations. This is as a result of excellent training, tried and tested best operating procedures, highly experienced on-ground management and continuous reviewing of all aspects of our operations. Thus ensuring a culture of the safety of people, the environment and assets. All Working on Fire activities are fully covered by comprehensive insurance, including risk of spread, which is testament to our effective safety management system and risk management strategy.



Accurate real-time wildfire detection.

Fire detection is an important part of an effective fire management programme. It can be accomplished in a variety of ways including cameras, satellite electronic detection systems, monitoring and reporting by community members and aerial surveillance

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